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Markku Ojanen, Emeritus Professor of Psychology

Doctoral dissertation in 1975, beginning in that year, served as an assistant Professor, Professor, and the Director of the Department of Psychology at the University of Tampere. Retired on 1.8.2008, retaining an Emeritus position at the university since.

His major areas of research have been

  • the psychosocial factors of cancer,
  • mental health,
  • rehabilitation,
  • health psychology,
  • exercise and well-being,

  • occupational well-being,
  • self-knowledge,
  • positive psychology,
  • happiness, and
  • the psychology of lying.

Member of the board of the Tampere City Mission and the Avain foundation. Chairman of the Ethics Committee of the Tampere region 2011-2016.

Has participated in numerous workplace-, care-, and rehabilitational projects, the most significant of which was the National Schizophrenia Care and Rehabilitation Program 1984-1992. He has been involved with Sopimusvuori Ry for over 40 years.

Awarded the Finnish Mental Health Association National Mental Health Prize 2013, Golden Award of Physical Education Association 2013 and Cross of Merit for Sports Culture and Sports 2017.

Numerous publications, both in foreign, and domestic scientific journals. Author of 34 books on the above topics, alone or in association with other authors. Recent books include:

  • Voiko persoonallisuus muuttua? (PS-Kustannus, 2019),
  • Kysymyksiä onnellisuudesta, (Basam Books, 2019),
  • Onnellisuuksien oivaltaja, (PS-kustannus, 2018),
  • Vaihtoehtoisia faktoja – Miksi valehtelemme, (Minerva, 2017),
  • Kaikki on hyvin nyt. 100 onnellisuuden paradoksia, (Minerva, 2015),
  • Tunne vai järki, (Minerva, 2014).

Delivers 40-50 yearly lectures on happiness, (workplace) well-being, exercise, and other topics related to positive psychology, with an equivalent amount of interviews in different media.

His most popular topics for lectures have been “Happiness, joy and well-being”, “Shared happiness – best happiness”, “Can I be happy at work?,” “Can happiness be promoted?” and “Exercise and well-being”.


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